You and I

imagesI sit with you.

You tell me about your day- which leads into your life. How you’re making strides in your relationship with your mom and you lost it with your partner the other night. Your job is stressful, you’re trying to market yourself but competition isn’t in your nature. You like to be easy. The moments that you have to yourself are becoming seldom and precious. You don’t daydream for fear that you could be doing something more efficient- meditating, perhaps. Education and experience has taught you a lot and yet you know nothing. Media and socially orchestrated opinions sometimes influence how you think of yourself and others. Consumed with the superficial, the thought of a war going on in a distant country is unfathomable.

You wonder if you’re helping others while living a life that is true to your dharma, or life purpose. You cling to your intuition to lead the way- show you what’s important. Beginning to realize that this sixth sense is more of who you are and less of a gut reaction. And you can only find it when you surrender. When you stop believing in what you see and view the truth of something much more real.

And all the while the person in front of you struggles and succeeds in their own way. Unique and yet completely the same, made distant but undeniably connected.

Sometimes we fail to realize that a different story does not mean a different constitution. No true difference exists between you and the homeless, you and the overweight, you and the misbehaving, abusing, achieving, or preaching others. When you think you are alone and when you turn others away you are going against nature. Attempting to disconnect from something so powerful that it currently sustains around 7 billion of us. You cannot truly be less than or greater than someone else- and it is not the people with money, business, popularity, or fancy yoga pants that have realized this. It is those who practice the true meaning of union and peace within themselves and with others. Those who have goals of self-actualization, connection, and evolution.

A day, week, or few years of falling into the illusion of “reality” is usually unavoidable and teaches valuable lessons. But a lifetime of thinking that this is who you are, that you do not exist beyond your label, judgments, or ego, is a deep misunderstanding and misfortune. Come up for air every now and then, float above your business meeting and trendy outfit to truly experience humanity. Find your religion- your set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Breathe it in and share it with others. This is life. The rest is play.