Essential oil love

I’m the kind of person who likes to sit on my dreams like golden eggs and wait to share them with anyone until they are beautifully hatched chicklings. Is anyone nodding with me like “mhm yes girl.”  In some ways, I like that I do that… I think it’s personal, special, patient, composed… but, in other ways- it keeps me from being real about what I’m interested in and what I want and need to make something grow.

It was my birthday at the end of June and while spending some really nice time with my lover and my friend (two different people) we happened upon this conversation about what we would do, mainly career wise, if we could do virtually anything and had no limits- i.e. skill, finances, time, circumstance, etc. were not an issue. He said a professional athlete, she said an actress, and I said a well-known, well-loved, well-paid yoga teacher and therapist who teaches classes, gives talks, runs workshops, hosts retreats… I really think she could be an actress tomorrow (she is beautiful and talented), and he might make it in the competitive crossfit world if he gave it his all (he is strong and mighty)- but they saw their endeavors as more outlandish than mine. Simply stated, they thought my “”dream”” was a totally sensical reality. And wow! was that validating and great to hear. And I suppose I agree on most days but on others I think well maybe it’s possible but I’m just not going to do it. Which is more about fear and complacency and a lack of clarity than anything true to what I want and to my values. So…

I am trying to approach the work of making more sense out of this knowing my desires and acting on them. And to be just blatantly honest and unapologetic about it: I want to be in the business of essential oils as part of all this. I just think that they make sense and totally fit with my views of well-being. I think they work. I’ve seen them work. I love them. I love the way they smell, I love putting a couple drops of citrus oils in my water, I love placing oils on my temples, my forehead, behind my ears, on my significant other (who is warming up to them after almost a year of me pestering), on my friends, on my yoga students… I love the moment when I decide ‘ah let me use one of my oils’ because it so clearly aligns with taking care of myself or someone else and with feeling creative.

To date, I have not spoken much about my desire to share essential oils aside from chit chat with friends and some beloved conversations with one of my favorite yoga/meditation teachers and mentor in Doterra, Elena Brower. And Doterra is the essential oil company that I began purchasing oils for myself from almost a year ago with the secret intention of sharing them with other people and eventually making that into a small side business that links to my yoga and therapy work. Throughout this year I have continued to tell myself “well, I don’t need to make this a thing,” “if people are interested they’ll just know to ask,” “after I do this,” “after I get here,” “then I’ll work on making this into something.” Of course, this is not a completely foreign dance for me. Don’t get me wrong, I pursue things I love. I studied in Italy, I went to graduate school, I became a therapist, I became a yoga teacher, I refused to let go of my romantic partnership that has existed in all sorts for almost 11 years now… I am clearly strong-willed. But this selling essential oils business and anything else where I feel sort of insecure or unsure or judgmental about it is hard for me to get off the ground. So to be frank about it, I don’t like that Doterra is a company where you offer something for people to purchase (essential oils) and earn a bit of money off of not only that purchase but mainly off of them also presenting the oils for other people to purchase. Does that make sense? AKA it is a network marketing business. And when I ask why I have a problem with this the answer is very foggy and does not hold up- it is because I have indirectly heard negative things about pyramid schemes and businesses where people are convincing others to buy a crap product and benefiting from that. Right? The only experience I’ve more closely had with network marketing is when my mom sold tupperware in the 90s and dragged my sister and I to her tupperware parties- which were kind of fun honestly. Also, I have a friend who now sells Mary Kay as her full-time gig after quitting her job in hotel management. And she freaking rocks it. When I first heard she was doing that the small part of me was like “ehh…” but I quickly refrained from that and thought “you know what, if the product is good and people like it (and it is and they do) and she is happy then totally, I get it, power to her, I’d do it too.”

So, I’ve come to understand that it’s unfair and inaccurate for me to clump all network marketing companies into that bad rep bundle that is based on some other companies that have nothing to do with me or with Doterra’s essential oils. Doing that would also hold me back from being involved in something that I really truly love and believe is worthwhile. The bottom line is that Doterra’s oils are pure and potent, or ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.’ They are extracted from plants, produced humanely by people who are paid well, and stored and sold without any additives. You know exactly what you’re getting. I started by just getting a few and looking online at the great resources Doterra and lots of other people have shared to figure out which I wanted and how to use them. I now have about 25 different oils and I order new ones every month. I have a great book called ‘Essential Life’ that details all of the oils and what to use them for. To date, I’ve used them to help with headaches, allergies and asthma (which my boyfriend has pretty badly and even he admits they help) aches and pains, cramps, eczema, a painfully ingrown toenail, feeling down, having low energy, relaxing, making my house, office and car smell amazing, cooking!, cleaning, on my dog who had an abscess that wouldn’t even resolve with steroid cream but did with frankincense oil, as a facial toner and acne rx, in my hair, in my morning water, for nausea, car-sickness and feeling overly full, for hangovers, for perfume!… the list goes on and on and I am still very new to the essential oil world. I know I will use them for the rest of my life and I want to share them with as many people as I can. No, I don’t think they cure ailments, but I do think that they help your body heal itself and have effects on your mood and are a true act of self-care.

If you are interested in speaking with me about the oils or have any questions please reach out! I would love that. I can send you some samples to try first and help you start to dabble. Feel free to look at my Doterra site to browse or join, too: There are options and incentives that change frequently.

Thank you for reading and thank you Elena Brower for the beautiful photos.


Lots of love!



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