About Me

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Connecting with people through mental health counseling and yoga has been an integral part of my life for the past 5 years. The aim in offering these services is to facilitate wellness in an impactful, lasting manner. The approaches that I utilize in counseling, namely Dialectical Behavior Therapy, CBT and mindfulness, are evidence-based, meaning research has proven they can be effective, as is the practice of yoga.

My specialties thus far include working with adults struggling with mood (depression) and personality disorders (BPD, OCPD), eating disorders, and anxiety disorders- including OCD. I am currently working with the Portland DBT Institute as well as providing private outpatient services to independent clients. I also teach Vinyasa yoga in the community and have recently begun to explore the art of sharing DoTerra essential oils, which can be another great source of health and healing.

To briefly provide some background on DBT as my primary modality, it is essentially a therapy that emphasizes dialectical philosophy and practical coping and regulation skills to help us thrive within life’s many twists and turns and opposites. It is highly effective as a means to target destructive, unhelpful behavior and thought patterns and to help us navigate our emotions more confidently. It is about living authentically, boldly and fully- in accordance with your goals, values and inner wisdom. DBT points us to the reality that the answers we seek are already within us and that living our complicated lives is worthwhile. It’s not a quick fix- it’s a full life, full existence shift that you make and solidify through lots of commitment and practice.

If you have any questions or interest, please reach out to me via email @yogabell.alysa@gmail.com.

I would love to connect and work with you or someone you know that may benefit.