Am I different?

How long has it been?

Since I looked



“How are you, love?”

I’d crumble

If I did.

I’m okay

When you do.

But I’m tired



I don’t know.

I’m fine, too.

Love letters from a broken heart: 7

Acceptance is a sutra

I’m still learning to thread

Moving mountains

Present for decades

All in my head.

Celebrate my sobriety

Addicted to you

Never noticed I was alone

Until it was true.


Yesterday couldn’t help it

Felt so good

So new.

My time

This way

Come here

It’s true.

Love letters from a broken heart: 5

Tell me how it pains you to see me happy

And I’ll set you free.

Justification loses traction

As soon as you’re upset with me.

Does bitterness taste good?

I know you feel the gravity.

Bury the truth with compassion,

Your benefit of the doubt.


My heart is frayed.


Then bleeding

And now,


That I choose.



Love letters from a broken heart: 3

Tell me how it goes through your mind before I receive it.

For a particular reason or by the seat of your pants?

This footing that I’ve earned, I’m protecting.

There are so many reasons to stay (away).

It’s a wave, a rush, a crash- of love.

Maybe you still feel like my man.